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Ever since our foundation, we have held fast to our aspirations for progressive studies and the development of the latent potential in our students, remaining true to the traditions of a school that spontaneously nurtures the individuality inherent to each and every student. The school boasts a number of very successful alumni in all walks of life, as recently exemplified by Yuko Nakanishi, 2004 Olympic medalist in the women’s butterfly event.

OSAKA SEIKEI GIRLS' HIGH SCHOOL raises young ladies who are able to consider their own way of life or relationship with society with attention devoted to the full spectrum of social affairs. Students learn to take the initiative through acting in a wide array of school events. Moreover, classes are organized under seven distinct courses, focused on different career paths, namely: “Special Academic Program Course” for those seeking entry to eminent universities, “Arts/Illustration & Animation Course” through which artistic sensitivity is developed with a view to self-expression, “Preschool Education Course” for those wishing to be involved with childcare, “Sports Course” for students with the desire to be athletes or looking for a sports-related career, “Music Course” enabling students of all levels from amateur to professional to learn more about music, and, “Career and General Academic Program Course” that promotes well-considered aspirations for the future through self-analysis is available for those seeking to enter our affiliated university on the same campus. Futhermore, “Nursing and Medical Course” for those wishing to enter nursing or medical fields.

We are proactive in accepting exchange students from abroad every year as part of our engagement in internationalized educational including overseas study, and also send our own students abroad. As a matter of course, bearing in mind the increased recognition of its benefits, we positively promote the use of IT equipment.

We are redoubling our efforts to enhance our educational environment and the deliberations of faculty members, in order to meet the demands of society.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in Japanese or English if you have any enquiries related to entry or questions about Osaka Seikei Girls' High School.

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